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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Northport 90210

WOWO people!

I'm backkkkkk!

And I wanna write about the people I work with. My gang, in particular. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry. Naturally, some descriptions will be longer than others, cuz I know a few better than others. Let's do this alphabetically.


“One who possesses the inner strength of a bull and the grace of a peacock is truly extraordinary”

Agnes, well, what can I say about her? Plenty. The first thing about Agnes that you'll notice is her striking face. She has puppy dog eyes, a cute nose, half-full lips, straight teeth and the focal point of them all, her dimples. They're about as deep as the grand canyon.

Now, personality wise, I'd say, from what I've known about her, is that she's patient (if she can put up with RB, she MUST be!), hardworking and principled. Somewhat private too, cuz come to think about it, sometimes I hardly know her at all! But her soft-spoken ways are endearing. Her petite-ness makes you want to protect her.

Dont be fooled though, cuz with a law degree in hand, she's definitely not one who needs protection. She can take care of herself pretty damn well. Oh and she hardly ever curses, which makes me sound like a drunken sailor when we're sitting and talking! The only criticism I have would be her sense of style. She has a fab figure and sometimes she comes to work all super-corporate and can totally knock you off your feet! But understandably, she dresses down most of the time.

I'm glad to say that not that I’ve worked closely with her and gotten to know her better, she’s been through a lot in her life and she’s a fantastic person through and through. With an air of quiet confidence, Agnes has shown me the side of her that makes her so loved.


“Respectable is the man who does not take that final step as he wants others to experience the thrill of it first”

While Agnes’ key feature is her dimples, Alvin’s are definitely his eyes. They’re as big as saucers and a lighter shade of brown than the regular brown eyes. And his eyelashes can catch raindrops. Definitely the first thing you notice about Al. He’s relatively small in stature as well, so he can appear very innocent looking.

Personality-wise, he’s accommodating and an all-around nice guy. He’ll go out of his way to help you and this is what makes him a good friend. Plus, he’s got a fetish for cars, so if anything ever goes wrong with my car, I know exactly who to call! He’s not one of those guys who acts all super macho but fake. No, he’s sensitive and a self-confessed metrosexual. Which is another thing that adds to his aura. He’s upfront about things. He’s not ashamed to be himself, not that’s he’s got any reason to be!

Hardworking, focused and terrific at his job, Alvin is one of those people you just know will go far in life. He has what I would call a quiet confidence. My criticism? His Indian blood! Push the wrong buttons and you will incur his wrath!

Despite his high emotional-ness, he epitomizes the term “good guy”. Just by his gait, you can tell that he is feral in his protective nature. Like a lion with his cubs, Alvin is fierce when threatened, mild when required.


“Like a blossoming cactus, you can look, but you can’t touch. Get through the veneer and you’ll receive manna from heaven ”

Over the top, skin-baring, boisterous and super manja. That’s how I’d describe Amy. Oh, and voluptuous too. Now, I’ve known this woman since the day I joined Northport and I’d heard tons of stories about her notorious behavior. Naturally, this made me go “thank god!” I mean, at least we have someone who injects some life into this department! She also terribly vain. She’s one of those girls who is dazzling, and knows it. And never let’s anyone forget it.

Overall, I’d say that Amy is misunderstood. Granted she does not make it easy for herself, but she’s really soft on the inside. And the outside too akakakaka. She’s easily tickled and her bimbo moments are hilarious at times. But she’s not ashamed to say if she does not understand something. Highly temperamental, her moods run hot and cold. There’s hardly ever an in-between with her.

Bad points? Lazy like fuck, she let’s her emotions get the best of her, and she is loud when times require her to be quiet. I must say though, that she’s grown a lot since I first knew her. She’s toned it down a lot.

Good points? She’s funny, and she’s loving. Which overrides the bad stuff. Despite the way she portrays herself, Amy’s pretty smart. So much so it shocks me at times at times! I think she’s got boundless potential and all she needs to do is to find it out for herself and channel it in the right direction. When she does, she’ll be unstoppable.


“Gentle is the soul cries for the world, magnificent is the woman who rises above the tragedy.”

Well, there’s a lot to say about this feisty woman. She is engaging and disarming and was born with the "gift of gab”! In other words, girlfriend can talk the ears off you! Walking down the street, ten times a week, and she’d still be the one everyone looks at. Such is her physique. Blessed with an ample bosom, lots of junk in the trunk, and a slender waistline, Miss Evonne has a body that many men and women lust after.

But Eve is made up of so much more. She’s one of those genuinely nice people. Always ready to lend a helping hand, or a shoulder to cry on, or a listening ear. I’ve been through a lot with her and she’s always been there to set me right when I’m going wrong.

Enough of the good stuff, on to the bad! While she’s smart, she’s not the quickest on the uptake. But her slowness to understand jokes or to think laterally is precisely what makes her so endearing. I personally think that this is what makes her so empathetic.

Because she’s been put down a lot in her life, she has risen above to become more understanding towards the feelings of those who have had it rough. While it is easy to feel compassion for a good person, Eve feels compassion for even the bad ones. This is what in my opinion, makes her the biggest hearted person I know. Granted, she has a tendency to let her mouth run astray, but she never means any harm by it.

All in all, Her internal beauty certainly matches the one on her outside.

Cheng Wee

“Mighty as a hurricane, gentle as the summer rain. You honor me with your friendship”

When it comes to people I trust, Wee is the one I trust the most. After all, he has been my best friend for the past 12-13 years! Starting off, I could not stand him. But obviously, that changed!

Unlike Evonne, Cheng Wee and me are polar opposites. I love the flamboyant, he loves the understated. I revel in attention, he shies away from it. However, don’t be fooled by his exterior. Inside, he’s capable of being ruthless as he’s driven by ambition.

Yet, peel the layers off and you’ll understand why he’s my best friend. He’s trustworthy and loyal. And at the end of the day those are two qualities that everybody needs in a friend. Someone who will stick by you when times are good and stick their hands in shit to pull you out of it when times are bad. While there are times I outshine him in conversations with people, he watches me and lets me have the limelight. Why? Because he knows I like it. Deep down, I know that there are times he would sacrifice his happiness to make sure I remain happy. Yet, he’d never admit.

Over the years, Wee’s always complained that he’s dissatisfied with not having that one thing to be truly good at. Jack of all trades, master of none. I look at it differently. I think that what he has may not be the best for him, but it’s the best for others. He’s the I run straight to when I’m feeling like fuck (forgive the gay-ness here). At the end of the day, while he does not benefit from his gifts, others do. And that is the rarest gift of all.


“The person who can see humor in every situation is the person who has the brightest of auras. Laughter is after all, the best medicine”

Now here’s a girl I can say is always on the same wavelength as me. It’s really strange cuz I always thought that for someone to alike they’d have to be really alike, for instance, talk the same, have similar personalities…that sorta thing. But Lieana isn’t at all like me. She’s demure, in the middle in terms of shyness and rambunctiousness.

What we do have in common is our sense of humor. That and we have a similar laugh. When Lieana laughs, it comes from the gut. A loud, truly roar of a laugh. And it’s contagious as hell! When we get together, every little thing becomes funny and we get into fits of laughter that literally leave us in tears!

Lieana’s the one I would say who personifies the word “glamourous”. She has an aura of a gentile southern belle. Her lifestyle will lead you to believe that she is from the upper-crust. All this is true, of course, but she’s down to earth and relatively humble.

The negatives? She, like most of the gang is terribly lazy! She’d prefer a life of leisure over a life of accomplishment and would be contented to be married to a millionaire and jet set around the world! She’s infuriated easily though she doesn’t let it show. And she can be inhibited as hell!

Despite it all, I respect her because of the fact that she remains grounded through it all. With softness in her ways and sharpness in her mind, she carries herself with dignity and composure and yet, when the time calls for it, she can be a complete wildcat!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Tribute to my Darling Amber, The Apple of My Eye

Ok, let me just say that despite the fact that I have two amazing puppies in my life now, I am not over the death of my beloved Amber. I mean, to quote Jenny Grogan, I miss her. I really, really miss her. I ache-inside miss her. It's truly something so hard to explain.

People don't understand why I get so emotional about it. And when I say people, I mean non-animal lovers. Those who love them can definitely relate to how I feel. A couple weeks back, I was going through a photo album when I came across her picture. Oh boy, the water-works began.

She was truly a creature that I was so attached to. She stole my heart when I wasn't looking. No matter what, I always felt loved with her around. And I was glad that she was closest to me. I'll miss that terribly. I'll miss her waiting for my arrival from whenever I had been. I'll miss how she was such a lump she hated walking! I'll miss how aggressive she was with game. I'll miss her stinky breath. I'll miss her lying on my lap and most of all I'll miss the bond that has been lost forever.

I remember how reluctant I was to get puppies. In fact, I'm sure a lot of people were probably shocked at how soon I got them. It was what Evonne said that really made me get them. I swear, those were the moments when my friends truly understood. Eve said "Reubs, I know it's hard. But get a puppy asap. Yes, it'll be a rebound case, but when you get it you know you wont give it away and you'll fall in love all over again". It's definitely true, because I love Lexie and Bailey so much.

I will admit though that it's not the same as it was with Amber. Sorta like a first love you know? I don't feel as "bonded" to them. I love them nonetheless.

With Ambs it was just different. I mean, she was totally in-tune with the way I felt. My mom who looked after Amber when I was in Australia used to get furious with Amber at times because whenever my mom yelled at me, Amber would get up and growl at her. I had my own personal bodyguard! Amber never liked the people I didn't and got on so well with other animal lovers, in particular Ruby, Evonne, and Jane. She never took too well to my sister which is perfectly understandable cuz my sister is not an animal lover in the least! Amber used to jump and sleep on her bed when she wasn't looking and pee in her room.

Of course, Amber wasn't perfect. She was notorious for savagely attacking any other animal that entered the house. She loved to rip pillow cases and any clothing items on the floor to shreds. She was such a pain to take to the bathroom. She had terribly sensitive skin that required plenty of attention which caused major dents in the wallet. She would sneak all over the place and eat anything in sight, like the chocolate jam cake I made for my mom, she had licked off all the white chocolate icing that I had painstakingly made when nobody was looking. She had jumped on the couch to reach the plate of rice and chicken curry. She had a particular fondness for murukku and white bread though and never let anyone eat it without her getting a bite! She'd give me the third degree and the coldest shoulder if I came home after playing with another dog. She was a jealous thing that Amber. And she was spoilt. Satin pillows, fleece blankets, an air-conditioned room, hot-water showers, a bedazzled collar, the works. And she'd only pee on my mom's Iranian silk carpet or Belgian tapestry!

But she was loyal and devoted. She stayed by my bedside when I was down with dengue fever. She wouldn't eat until she had seen me. She'd defend me when anyone yelled at me. She's lay by my side when I was down. She cried the day I returned from Australia, and I mean she literally had tears streaming down her face. She never left my mom's bedside when my mom had an asthma attack. She stayed at my doorstep even if the door was closed without budging until I called.

I miss her so much, it hurts. The day she died was one of the worst days of my life. The pain I felt inside hurt physically. And the rage that came with it if someone made a snide remark about it scared me. Like when Dame snickered a couple days when I said I was curled up in bed crying after she died. I mean, what's the point of being so religious and "god is great" and all that bullshit when you lack compassion? In my book, you're nothing but cold.

That said, I truly wish people would just understand that pain is pain. When you love something so much, nobody has the right to judge whether it is significant or not. Your feelings are yours. You can't change it. You may try to suppress it, but eventually, it will resurface.

"Animal lovers are a rare breed of human, generous of spirit, full of empathy, perhaps a little prone to sentimentality and with hearts as big as the cloudless sky" - John Grogan (Author of Marley and Me)

"Non animal lovers are complete and total cold fish!" - Me.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Mundane Mondays!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure everyone feels the same as I do about Mondays. And if they don't, well it's quite clear what it makes them. Retarded. And no, my opinion goes. Always. Doesn't it Wee? Hahaha. Not funny.

Good grief! I have no idea what's up with me today. One moment I'm up (thanks to Liana Vagina and Amy Tessenslut) and the next I'm irritated. Like now. Hence the blog! OYYYYYY!

Well, I'm in such a foul mood so I'm just gonna dwell on it and talk about things I hate. People hitting me, even playfully, on the face. It pisses me off. Amy, quit it. One more time, and I swear you'll regret it. If you touch my nose and I end up getting a flu, I'll hold you down and sneeze into your bloody mouth! And believe me, I'll make sure there's plenty of phlegm to go with it.

Another thing I absolutely cannot stand, people spell you're as your. There's a difference you dumbass! GAWD! Typos are fine, everyone does it, but bad grammar is just the pits. Go learn it.

I need me some Bunifa right now.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petrol Prices what?

OK, so the petrol prices have increased and obviously none of us are happy. I feel like this is happening at the worst time for me! Fuck you, this is my blog so it's all about me. Deal with it. Not that many are even reading. wtf.

Anyway, so the merc is back from the workshop. It came yesterday, after being away for TWO months! Now that it's back, I get to drive the proton again!Woohoo right? Not really. The day the car comes abck, the prices soar. Honestly, what's a guy to do? Looks like I'm gonna have to find a street corner and sell my ass!

If the rest of you are willing to join me, I'll be your pimp!

Really though, the hike is ridiculous. up 41% is just wow. Horrendous. On top of that my sister pissed me off yet again. Yesterday she threw a fit because I didn't fill up her car (HAH! tough shit sistah) and she went on and on "Cant you fill it up ah? I filled up yours right!" Not really. Like I said, I hadn't been driving the proton at all, so fuck off, if you're taking it, fill it up!

Anyway, the way she made it sound I assumed she filled it up, full tank. If I had known better, which I should have knowing my over-exaggerating sister, I would have realized that she'd have filled u what? 10 bucks? Which was exactly the case. So when I took out the car this morning, it didn't exactly come as a shock when the pin was close to zero. But I was irritated nonetheless. I paid 50 bucks for like 18.49 litres! WTF!!! Oyyyy!

Anyway, thinking about that just makes me want to puke blood. And they're soon gonna hike the cigarette prices too.

So, how about that street corner idea huh?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Emotional Eating

Well, yeah. my first blog this, on blogspot. I'm so fucking bored, that Liana actually asked me to blog it out. Anyway, I feel like talking about my bad emotional eating habits.

First off, lemme just say yes, I'm an emo eater. See, it's like this. About a month ago, or 3 weeks, I dont remember, I crash dieted. Go figure, things were going on smoothly in my life with only a few glitches here and there. Mainly things were great cuz my dad's out of town. It's the whole Freudian thing, same sex parent, cannot get along and all that jazz. Don't get me wrong, I love my pops, it's jsut that we're waaaay too different as individuals to get along.

Anyway, with my sisters pending nuptials, or lack thereof, things have taken a toll for the worse. Our normally great relationship has taken a dip. Just seeing her face pisses me off now. The the most annoying thing? I don't think she knows it! She's living in la-la land thinking everything is freaking fine and fabulous (ooh! check it out, alleteration!).

Great, Yon Yon just called me and I don't feel like writing anymore.

Wait, I'll just vent this shit out first!

Yeah, my sister. I swear, she's become this uber selfish, irresponsible cow of a doctor and wait, let me insert RUDE in there as well! UFF! Thanks to her I've abandoned all diet plans and I've been stuffing my face with sweet stuff (and salty stuff). Oyyyy!